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For any immediate questions or to get a quote over the phone a friendly North Fork Express team member can be reached at




What are North Fork Express scheduled services?

At North Fork Express we understand that our customers have different needs depending on what kind of Transportation they're looking for. Along this thinking we have created 3 different scheduled services all tailored for specific needs. These services are the North Fork Express line run, College Express, and EZ Ski Bus.


What is the North Fork Express line run?

As of July 1, 2011 we are starting a new regular service with several daily departures/returns coming from Orient Point to NYC/NJ. We have several stops along the Long Island North Fork and aim to provide you the most affordable means of transportation, may it be for commuting to the city or simply for a night out. For more information about the individual stops and pricing please visit the NFE Line Run page or call us at 631-588-7433.


What is College Express?

Our College Express Service Travels from Ithaca, Cornell, Cortland, and Binghamton to NJ, NYC, and Long Island every weekend with special departures on holidays and university breaks. Tickets may be purchased online at www.collegeexpressbus.com or over the phone at



What is EZ Ski Bus?

Our EZ Ski Bus service gets you to Okemo mountain at unbeatable prices throughout the regular Skiing/Snowboarding season. A ticket gives you access to bus transportation from Long Island, NYC to Okemo Mountain VT and ski lift ticket. For more info please visit us at www.ezskibus.com or give us a call at 631-588-7433.


How can I book a ticket?

Tickets are sold online at the websites for each individual service. You may also call us at the office to place a reservation over the phone at 631-588-7433.